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Can Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Right For Me?

Lower libido, fatigue, and weight gain, these are just some of the ways your body can be affected by hormonal imbalance.



At Dew Sexual Wellness, our expertly trained doctors will create a personalized plan to optimize the multiple hormones involved to bring back balance and a renewed sexual drive.

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At Dew AntiAging & MedSpa we help both men and women feel and look younger with our hormone therapy treatments. Regain your energy, increase vitality and stamina, improve your memory and decrease body fat. Start feeling and looking your best today!

Am I a Candidate for Bio-identical Hormone Replacement?

Hormone deficiencies are one of the most common reasons we may experience diminished libido, unexplained fatigue, weight gain, and other unwanted side effects. At Dew AntiAging & MedSpa, our expertly trained doctors optimize your hormones to bring back balance and sexual vigor.

Do you have hormonal imbalance?

Hormonal imbalance can make you feel off, moody, bloated, and irritable. Some fluctuations are normal, such as during period or pregnancy. But your lifestyle, certain medications, and even age can cause hormonal imbalance. Menopause and age-related diseases can affect your hormone levels. 

Hormones and Sexuality

Hormones influence your bodily functions, including your mood, sex drive, energy level, and reproductive cycle. This is why changes in your hormones often have a negative effect on your sex life. You may feel disinterested or too tired to engage in any sexual activity, causing intimacy issues. 

Hormone Therapy Replacement

This treatment balances the progesterone and estrogen levels of women, especially during menopause. Hormone therapy replacement alleviate symptoms, like hot flashes, sweating, general discomfort, and lack of interest in sex. 

Dew Anti-Aging & MedSpa offers bioidentical hormone replacement in Orlando, helping women reignite their sex lives. Instead of synthetic substances, we use hormones that are chemically identical with the ones produced by the body to accelerate absorption. This means you get to see and feel the results more quickly. 

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