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Feel younger and better than ever with Dew Anti-Aging & MedSpa’s wellness therapies and treatments.

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Feel younger, sexier, and more energized, regardless of your age. Dew Anti-Aging & MedSpa in Orlando offers services, including sexual wellness and hormonal therapy, that help you achieve utmost vitality. Our warm and professional staff members are here to make you look and feel younger than ever with reliable anti-aging treatments, inspiring you to live an always exciting life.

Your Partner In Wellness

Headed by Dr. Gillian Ellis, Dew Anti-Aging MedSpa aims to help women live fuller lives by focusing on your overall wellness.  Our anti-aging medical spa in Orlando uses advanced medical technology in feminine sexual wellness and hormone replacement to bring out your most vital self. We offer skin and beauty treatments and primary care services as well, making sure that you look and feel youthful.

Dr. Gillian Ellis is a board certified internal medicine doctor that has been providing exceptional medical services over 16 years here in the Orlando community. Dr. Ellis and her team offer a variety of advanced sexual health and wellness treatments for both, men and women, as well as the latest treatments in the cosmetics and aesthetics arena. Some of the treatments include vaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction procedures, hormone therapy, PRP Hair Restoration, PRP Facials, botox, fillers and many more.

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Turn Back Time & Feel Sexy Again!

At Dew AntiAging we specialize and offer today’s most advanced technology and treatment options to help you regain your sexual confidence and intimacy. 


Be at Your Healthiest, Happiest Self

Familiar with aging and its effects, Dew Anti-Aging & MedSpa uses the latest technology and research on beauty and wellness to help you stay healthy at any age.

Sexual Wellness

Sex and intimacy are important regardless of your age. A slow or non existent libido is not something you need to accept it as a part of growing older. This can actually be a sign of other health problems.


Reclaim your vitality with our anti-aging services. Have more energy, think more clearly, improve your memory and decrease body fat.

Medical Spa

Get ready to feel and look younger at our medical spa. At Dew we offer today’s advanced in rejuvenation technology and have partnered with the markets most advanced to offer only the best. Some of our medical spa services include: Body Contouring Dermal Fillers Microneedling The Vampire Facial

Concierge Medicine

Our medical providers are ready to assist you in all of your medical needs. With a focus in prevention, we will become your partner in health to help you stay healthy at any age.

The same benefits of a facelift without incisions.

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Increased collagen production
  • Minimizes scars from acne
  • Reduce wrinkles

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